Juvenile Hawk

Not an everyday bird sighting!


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Photography Enthusiast enjoying retirement
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2 Responses to Juvenile Hawk

  1. Karen says:

    Where was he? My neighbors put up a fence last year and because I didn’t have a fence up for my dais I had to walk them every time they had to go out. I only had one with me this time and we walked around the garage and there he was, just sitting on their fence looking at us, about 10 feet away! He stayed there while my dag circled to find the perfect spot, and I kept an eye on him to make sure he didn’t try to scoop up my dog! We must have stayed like that for 3-4 mins. It was very unusual. Then he left and flew into a nearby tree to watch us.

  2. nccathy1 says:

    Karen, my daughter in-law saw him sitting on their fence also and called me. By the time I got there w/camera he had already flown up into the top part of a pine tree. He sat there for quite awhile. I was very lucky to get a decent shot before he flew off.

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