Geese and Ducks



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Photography Enthusiast enjoying retirement
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2 Responses to Waterfowl

  1. Karen says:

    Well I found it! Love your pics! What camera due you use? Looking at getting one. I have a sure shot, but want something better, not that my pics would ever compare to yours. But I might get some lessons, too. Didn’t see anymore photos of the house?

    • nccathy1 says:


      The camera I own is a Canon T3i. It’s an entry level camera, can’t afford the big guns, but someday I’ll invest in a macro lens seeing I like to do up close work.

      I have two blogs. The house blog is at this link. http://nccathy1.wordpress.com/ I haven’t posted the window one seeing the installers haven’t shown up yet…typical. Should have been here at 2. Called and said they’ll be here around 3:45 but I have a feeling I won’t see them today.

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