Tree Frog Hunter

My dear friend made a beautiful wreath for the front door but for some reason the double sided stick on hangers were not working on the glass storm door.  This morning I decided to try a magnet hanger that was purchased awhile back.  While I was fluffing out the wreath a tree frog fell out landing on my foot.  It hopped to the cement and sat there for a while.  I quickly got the camera to get a close up shot of him/her.  Grace, the lizard hunter she is, had already locked in on it.

The tree frog decided to go back to its home in the wreath which meant traveling back up the door.  Too funny!

Lucky Tree Frog!

Lucky Tree Frog!


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Photography Enthusiast enjoying retirement
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One Response to Tree Frog Hunter

  1. Marvin Allan Williams says:

    That’s just too cute for words.

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