Morning Mushrooms

Plenty of pretty toadstools to be had this morning.


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This fellow has been hanging around the hummingbird feeder for several days.  It seems impossible that little insect could do damage to a hummingbird.  I really don’t want to find out.


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Daylillies and Lantana


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Great Golden Digger Wasp

At first glance, I thought the small tunnel in the ground was made by a mole then movement caught my eye.  Out comes this interesting bug.  It appeared to be very busy carving out the tunnel.  Soon after it flew away only to reappear with a little black ball.  The wasp dropped it just outside the tunnel then went deep inside.  It finally came out, located the black ball, then took it into the hole.  When the wasp reappeared it made short work of backfilling the freshly made tunnel.  Once the job was done it flew away.

This morning I noticed another tunnel very close to the first one.  After reading up on this particular insect I found that inside the tunnel the female wasp was laying an egg on top of an insect it had caught and paralyzed.


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Four hummingbirds that grace the feeders have become a little more trusting.  A couple of them are allowing me to get just a tad closer.  I’ll get that perfect picture yet.


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Sunflower Power


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Giant Leopard Moth

Never seen anything like this before.



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Feeder Attraction

Love watching hummingbirds come to the feeders.  Apparently so do others!





Not Safe


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Dried Flowers


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Cape Fear Botanical Garden offered different daylillies for sale during a Camellia exhibit a couple of years back.  The daylillies weren’t in bloom so you didn’t know what you were getting.  I was pleasantly surprised.


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